Publish ‘ Your Articles’

The knowledge sharing capacities that online forex traders have at their disposal today are truly unlimited and this explains why social trading and basing one’s trading decisions on the data generated by the trading decisions of others, has become an important trading method, similar to the longer established fundamental analysis and technical analysis trading methods.

Another, perhaps less fancy, but equally effective of knowledge sharing between traders is if you publish online for fellow traders to read and evaluate, your own forex success stories, or failure stories as well. By doing so, you will be sharing with the world useful tips about what you think you did well and it worked and what you did wrong and others should avoid in the first place.

As a trusted trading partner, we decided to launch a special section on our site where such traders’ success or failure stories will be hosted, so please help us make this section as useful as possible for the online forex trading community by sending in your own true foreign exchange trading stories. We urge you to be brief, to the point and honest and be aware that you are free not to mention any names of brokers, or make any other reference that you feel may reveal your identity as you can publish your story with your name or anonymously. It doesn’t matter so much who you are for as long as your story is true and it can help other traders out there, either to be encouraged and inspired by your success and follow in your footsteps or to be warned and guided by your failure to avoid the same loopholes and mistakes. reserves the right to reject any submitted work. You can submit your articles to [email protected]

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