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If you are in the search for the best affiliate program for you, you are definitely spoilt for choice due to the abundance of such programs. What is difficult is to discern what is the best program to choose because all brokers have their fans and each program will propose that broker to back their decision.

In order to help you decide, we list below the main considerations you should take into account when choosing a forex affiliate program, along with a selection of those affiliate forex programs we feel are currently topping the list in the vast world of online trading.

Things to consider:

The first point to keep in mind since most affiliate programs promote a specific forex broker is the need to actually know and have a solid opinion on the broker in question, before starting their promotion through your own channels, be they a website, a blog or a forex community. If you pick a broker that is not worth your promotion, then the venture will not have positive results for either party.

So, how can you recognize if the forex broker is worthy to be promoted by you?

A good starting point is to check out the forex broker’s track record, find out how long they have been in business for and collect information either directly from the broker’s site and/or from the wider forex community to discern if the experience traders have with the specific broker is a positive one.

A second, equally important factor to guide your decision is the kind of commission type that the broker is offering through the affiliate program. Usually commission payments are offered either by Cost per Acquisition, Cost per Lead, Revenue Share, or a hybrid scheme of these options. What you need to ensure is whether the return on investment you stand to receive meets your expectations and is worth your while.  

Moreover, to be successful, you need to know the followers and clients you already have and be able to anticipate what would spark their interest and attention. If the broker you choose does not meet the needs of your existing clients, then they will not respond to the broker’s offering and portfolio and you will get no result and no revenue.

Last but not least, don’t join an affiliate program before you actually make contact with the person running it. Direct communication will give you a foretaste of how your collaboration will evolve. If you don’t see eye to eye, if communication is not easy, if all the information and details on commission payments and marketing tips is unclear or unavailable, then you should better stay away. Ideally your chosen affiliate program should be easy to get started with and offer tips and guidance to help you set off and excel.

Finding the most suitable forex affiliate program both for you and your clients is a difficult task due to the fact that the offering in the forex world is already vast and increases on a daily basis. However, you can easily consult the several online pages that list and compare forex affiliate programs to help you make an educated selection and maximize the chances for success. To further help your effort we list below the forex affiliate programs we currently consider to be the best available, especially in terms of their offered Revenue Share and CPA.


This is an affiliate program offering 2.50 USD per lot traded under your affiliate link. It also provides an additional reward for generating more than 1000 affiliated lot trades per month, with a commission upgrade to USD per lot.

IQ Option

This affiliate program brands claims to be the most profitable offer you can nail. More specifically, it offers its affiliates either a 50 % revenue share of all traders collectively or a 40 % revenue share for each trader separately.

Vantage FX 

This affiliate program comes with three affiliate scheme options: one for CPA affiliates, one for Introductory Brokers, and a third option, which is a hybrid of the other two. Under the CPA scheme, as an affiliate you could earn up to 600 USD plus additional monthly bonuses of up to 10,000 USD, if you manage to provide than 50 active accounts.

Fortrade Affiliates

This affiliate program geared towards websites and bloggers with forex related content, offers CPA deals ranging from 300 to 700 USD depending on the trader’s country of origin. It also gives the option to make individually tailored and hybrid payment arrangements, for those who don’t want to come under the standard referral fee scheme.

TeleTrade Partners

What makes this particular affiliate program stand out is that it also offers commission even for inactive (but verified) referrals of up to 20 USD per referral. Moreover, for active referrals, you could earn up to 500 USD and 10% of the spread on transactions of the attracted client right from their first trade.


Under the CPA payment structure of this affiliate program you stand to earn from 100 USD per successful active referral up to 400 USD, depending on the country you work from. If you achieve more than 30 active referrals you can also get a 3.000 USD monthly bonus, while if you attain more than 50 active referrals then the monthly bonus rises to 10.000 USD.

As a parting thought, keep in mind that the rapidly growing forex market is a sector that needs payment methods that are both simple as well as secure. Due to this fact most forex brokers, including those on our list above, use digital wallets, such as Skrill, Neteller  and others, as a deposit and payment option.

This fact opens up an interesting new monetization opportunity for you, since most brokers do not monetize on the use of such e-wallets. Therefore, once you join a forex affiliate program and achieve healthy results you can always expand to also joining an e-wallet affiliate program which would also earn you a share from e-wallet fees and increase your overall revenues.

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