Top ETF Trading Brokers - 2020

ETFs are exchange traded funds. Very few Forex / CFD brokerages offer them for trading, but a few do. If you see a broker that has ETFs on their books, you know that this is a broker which takes diversification, or to be more accurate offering their clients a chance to achieve wide diversification, very seriously. ETFs are then just funds which invest in a particular type of asset. Their price then fluctuates with the market value in the underlying assets.
# Forex Broker Year Regulator
1 Fort Financial Services Fort Financial Services 2010 IFSC
2 IG Markets IG Markets 1974 FCA, ASIC, FSCA, CFTC, NFA


Exchange traded funds are extremely diverse, and today their number reaches several dozens. The most popular among ETFs are USO oil fund, GBS gold, SPDR Industrial and many others traded funds. By using our site, you will be able to trade on the Forex market with the biggest profits. ETF brokers presented in our table are reliable intermediaries for successful exchange traded funds trading.


Exchange traded funds have high liquidity, allow to diversify invested funds and have the opportunity of margin ETF trading. The brokers set a low threshold for entry into the market for their clients, which allows the widest possible audience of traders use this ETF trading tool. We should add that ETF brokers work with stocks that are freely floated on the market. This means that exchange traded funds trading may be carried out throughout the period of the exchange operation at constantly changing prices. Due to these features, such brokers are very popular among traders.

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