Niffler FREE Cryptocurrency trading simulator Uncovered

The Niffler simulated crypto exchange has gained both momentum and publicity over recent times, but although you may be familiar with the name you may not know a lot of details about it. To help you get a better insight, here’s a short review as to the how’s and why’s.

The link between the world of trading and that of cryptocurrency is an obvious ones and needs no lengthy explanation, since it is undeniable that anyone dealing with cryptocurrencies is also a trader in some form or other. Moreover, with millions or even billions of dollars traded daily across platforms and in the entire crypto-universe, knowledge of trading for all those dealing with crypto exchange is both essential and vital.

With this in mind it is natural that most trading platforms come with demo trading sections that simulate marker trends in a random manner. Such demo sections serve the dual purpose of educating and training newcomers as well as offering more seasoned traders the chance to keep “fit” and “train” further. Niffler fits into this equation, its advantage however being that it is actually an incentivised simulated crypto exchange platform that operates through real-time crypto trading patterns using an initial virtual $100k to buy into the market.

More specifically, the Niffler simulated cryptocurrency trading platform rewards users for making virtual profits based on crypto trading, which is in turn based on real-time simulated crypto exchange. This form of giving an incentive to traders to engage in crypto trading is what make this particular platform more attractive to users. Moreover, this type of trading platform allows users to learn in a relaxed environment since they are using a virtual currency, but offers the same patterns and earning possibilities as the real-time, normal trading.

Niffler Home Page

To get started you will need to create a new account. This can be done simply by visiting the Niffler Homepage and registering using your email and providing a password. Once you verify your account you will be able to start off.

The Niffler simulated crypto exchange tour

To help you get started and get to know the platform and its features, the best way is to take the tour provided as it is a very well made, simple step by step guide that demonstrates exactly how you can use the simulated crypto exchange platform and help you benefit the most from it.

The Portfolios

Your main portfolio will be the initial virtual $100,000 that every new account user is allocated. You can claim rewards based on the profit you make on this virtual money through virtual trading.

However, you can also create additional secondary portfolios by selecting "Add to portfolio". Since they do not affect your performance or chances to claim rewards, such secondary portfolios can be used for testing and training purposes, as you get to grips with calls, patterns and strategies.   

Simulated Trading On Niffler

The simulated crypto trading environment on Niffler accurately mirrors the activities of the real-time market. Thus, while trading patterns and strategies are all based on real world happenings, the tokens and currency used are virtual, meaning that traders can trade without any risk of losing real money and with the added motivation that they can claim rewards if they perform well. So, in short, this is all the fun with zero risk.  

The Rewards

 The basis for claiming your rewards are the "Play dollars", that is the virtual $100,000 that are in your main portfolio once you start trading. To be eligible to claim rewards, you need to reach specific performance level. There are various rewards to claim based on the amount of profit you achieve on top of your main portfolio. The minimum number of trades required to receive a reward is 10 trades.

The Competitions

Another interesting feature are competitions which are regularly held to offer traders in this simulated environment further opportunities to be rewarded for their performance.

The Cryptos

There is currently a comprehensive list of 16 crypto currencies open for trading on this simulated platform, including the likes of BTC, ETH, XRP, STEEM, NEO and OMISEGO.

In a nutshell, Niffler is the ideal venue for everyone who is interested in crypto trading in any capacity. The intuitive simulated trading environment allows for real life trading conditions, while the virtual money used makes it more simplified and relaxed, thus promoting learning. Moreover, the platform allows interaction between users and the building of a community, since it offers both public feeds as well as private discussions for those preferring more privacy.

Finally, there is another opportunity to be had for those in the know, through advertising on Niffler. If you own a brand you can very effectively promote and advertise it by sponsor a reward program on Niffler, since this already a very popular platform visited by thousands of users every day. If you want to know more about this opportunity then you can contact the Niffler team to secure your space and maximize your brand’s visibility.

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