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If you are a blogger on financial and forex issues you should constantly be on the lookout for ways to boost your income. Unfortunately, many current bloggers simply rely on Google Adsense and other similar ad networks as the sole way of earning income from their blog. The unfortunate in these cases is that such networks keep the maximum share of the income for themselves and offer very poor payouts for your blog. Therefore, smart bloggers are those who resort to use of affiliate marketing in order to see their income increase dramatically. Especially in the field of Forex affiliate marketing the commissions payed out are far more generous than the share attributed by ad networks.

Explaining how forex affiliate marketing works and the obvious advantages to be had when you start implementing it are beyond the scope of this post. Here, we will concentrate on providing an honest opinion about one such affiliate marketing program, namely the one offered by OspreyFX. We concentrate on this particular program because we consider it to a very interesting, decent option that may prove very lucrative for every blogger who decides to sign up to it.

As always, if any bloggers out there have had experience with this program and would like to share them, even if their opinion is contrary to our own, please feel free to comment and contribute as increasing profits and uncovering opportunities and potential for growth, should always be a common goal.

At this point let us give advance notice that the article below will be a fairly long one as it will provide a brief description and overview of the OspreyFX Affiliate Program, attempt to explain why joining it is a good idea, inform on how you can sign up to it, explain the OspreyFX Introducing Broker option and tell you how you can sign up for it, talk about the important topics of payments and commissions and discern how favorably or not OspreyFX compares to other forex brokers out there.

In a nutshell, we shall shed light on all that you need to know to decide if it is worth your while to join or not, so let us take a deep breath and delve in:

What is the OspreyFX Affiliate Program?

As implied by its name the OspreyFX Affiliate Program is a form of partnership between OpsreyFX and any interested individual or firm aiming at the promotion of OspreyFX. This promotion may happen in many ways and as stated by OspreyFX themselves “it can be tailored to your existing business or you can build your business with our assistance.” As with all affiliate programs promoters are rewarded for each new trader introduced and promotion may be done either offline, through personal referrals, or online through a website, a blog or in social media, such as Facebook.

Once you become an online OspreyFX affiliate you shall receive a unique tracking code that you can then embed on your website or use on your social media accounts (in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) In this way you will be able to automatically get credit for any account openings and trading volume that you generate. Moreover, this enables you to have full control as you will be able to check and keep track though your affiliate account how many visitors you have sent to OspreyFX. Furthermore, there are other interesting promotional tools you can take advantage of, such as the IFRAME code that can be also embedded on your site, allowing your visitors to be able to register for an OspreyFX trading account without having to leave your website!

Besides the Affiliate Program, OspreyFX also offers and Introducing broker program and helps you decide which of the two options is better suited to you and lead to maximum mutual benefits, the differences between the two being mostly in the payment structures offered.  

Why join OspreyFX?

The obvious rationale behind the decision to join the Osprey FX affiliate program is that this will allow you to start earning commissions for every traded lot that you refer. If you are in any Forex related business this is a method that will allow you to leverage your community of users, both existing and future ones and earn income, power and growth. The affiliate method is a proved, tried and tested way to propel you towards success and powerfully increase your growth potential. Through the OspreyFX affiliate program, this is further enhanced since Osprey treats its affiliates as the backbone of its overall marketing efforts and strives to ensure that the experience offered to referred clients is great and that referees get the rewards they deserve.  

The main points that make joining the OspreyFX affiliate program a good idea are as follows:

  1. Payments are executed on a weekly basis
  2. There are no initial set up fees
  3. There is an abundance of educational resources at your disposal
  4. You get access to dedicated support on 24/7 basis that is always available to offer advice, assistance and creative solutions to all problems that might arise
  5. There are no Bonus Restrictions
  6. Detailed Statistics are provided to allow to stay in full control

Besides the points outlined above, OspreyFX is serious about its affiliate program and wants to do its utmost to help its affiliates succeed as this will also mean success for them as well. Therefore, they are very generous in terms of the support they provide, both in the form of readily available promotional materials as well as solid affiliate training and information, with the aim of reducing the learning curve and helping their affiliates produce results fast.

The obvious opportunity here lies in the fact that they do not yet have a large existing network of affiliates, which means you will be faced with less competition. The down side to this is that this is a brand that is less recognizable which may make prospective leads less willing to actually commit to a less familiar name. However, this is offset by the fact that less affiliates will be after the same share that you will be aiming at.

In short, this program holds great promise and prospects since it offers great training and tools you can rely on, it is fairly low in terms of brand recognition so it allows for room for more and less affiliates are currently preaching on its behalf, so your job will be easier.   

How To Sign Up For OspreyFX Affiliate Program?

Signing up is a fairly simple process that entails the following steps:

1.      Register

Register as an affiliate on OpsreyFX and receive your affiliate link.

2.      Set-Up

Set up your affiliate endeavor through the use of the professionally designed banners and other educational content that is readily provided

3.      Manage

Manage the traders that you refer, using the statistics and other optimization tools provided.

4.      Earn

Ensure weekly commissions, that are paid out per lot over $10 traded on your affiliate link.

What is the OspreyFX Introducing Broker Program

As already mentioned, besides the affiliate program, Osprey also offers the OspreyFX Introducing Broker program that allows you to recommend and introduce traders to OspreyFX through your own personal networks. There are numerous ways through which you may choose to operate under this program, depending on the level of contact you are willing to have with your referred traders, which is entirely up to you to decide. Moreover, you could choose to benefit by referring small traders that generate lower income on a recurrent basis, or focus on a large payout from a single large deposit or a high-turnover trader.

Contrary to the affiliate program, those joining the IB program also undertake certain responsibilities such as having to brief and mentor their referred clients on KYC policies and other documentation required by OspreyFX or undertake training activities, such as seminars for traders in order to help the client retention process. Therefore, as opposed to affiliates, IBs will need to meet clients in person and be in a position to mentor, guide, train and assist them, i.e. they need to somehow be qualified to offer financial advice.

How to become an OspreyFX IB?

The initial registration for the OspreyFX IB program is simple and straightforward and it is done by filling out the relevant form, signing it and emailing it to OspreyFX. After this you will be contacted via phone to ask some questions in order to comply with KYC requirements, but this also a fairly straightforward process and you can always send any additional information, details or documents required by email.

What are the Payment Threshold and Paying Methods of the OspreyFX Affiliate Program

Let us now turn the all-important money issues, cause after all you are in this for the commissions, right?

In general, OspreyFX pays $2.50 per lot traded under your affiliate link, while if you manage to generate over 1000 affiliated lot trades per calendar month, your commission is increased to $3.50.

Currently, OspreyFX is also offering a welcome pack for the first 50 affiliates that sign up. This is offered on a first come first served basis, so speed is of the essence if you would like to take advantage of the offer. To do so you simply need to send 10 depositing clients via your OspreyFX affiliate account and this will allow you to receive your OspreyFX Welcome Pack.

OspreyFX is also interested to partner up with you even if you are already an affiliate of another broker. In fact you can easily fill out a contact form and get in touch to discuss your options and see how the offer you get compares to the terms you have with your existing broker.

How does OspreyFX compare to others as a Forex broker?

Though not directly linked to the affiliate or IB programs per se, knowing how good or not OspreyFX is as a forex broker is good to know if you are considering to promoting it to your users and people you can influence. Besides, if you try to market a company that isn’t decent, chances are that the effort will sooner or later fail dismally both for you and for them.

Truth be said that OspreyFX is a fairly standard forex brokerage both in terms of its trading  platform and the instruments offered for trading which include stocks, currencies, commodities, indices etc. What does make it stand out however is that it offers less experienced and less seasoned traders with a venue where they can gain the necessary knowledge in order to maximize their chances for success in the demanding world of online forex trading.

Besides its strong educational element that makes learning a smooth and fast process, the OspreyFX trading platform also comes with great usability and user friendliness as well as other additional features and tools that enhance the trading experience. Its strongest asset however lies in the fact that it has been built to cater to beginners and helps open up the world of forex trading for those who may know little or nothing about it. It also allows trading on the go on mobile devices and the overall experience is far more comfortable and less overwhelming than on other platform.

That being said, it does meet the needs and demands of more seasoned traders as well, who will particularly like the useful social trading tools and other features they will have at their disposal.

To cut a long story short, OspreyFX is above average and you shouldn’t have a problem recommending it, so perhaps you should rush to join either its affiliate or its IB program to beat others to it.

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