Italy Forex Brokers regulated by CONSOB

The Italian Securities and Exchange Commission or The Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa (CONSOB) is a governmental regulatory body, established in 1974, responsible for regulating the Italian financial markets, investment firms, forex brokers, securities markets, and the stock exchange including Borsa Italiana. The CONSOB makes sure that market participants follow the regulations and the regulated firms are transparent in their financial activities. The organization runs regular investigations to detect insider dealing or other financial misconducts to keep the market integrity intact. The CONSOB also cooperates with The Bank of Italy, The Pension Fund Regulatory Authority, The Insurance Industry Regulatory Authority as well as other supervisory entities towards a safer and better market atmosphere. Here you can find the complete list of CONSOB Regulated Forex Brokers.

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How to Choose a Forex Broker as an Italian Trader

Unlike forex trading in the UK or other major economies in the EU, there is very little interest in online forex trading in Italy. This is largely due to the fact that the Italian financial regulatory Commissione Nazionale per le Societa e la Borsa (CONSOB) has maintained a hard stance against investments which are considered high risks investments.

To find the best forex brokers in Italy often requires extensive research and knowledge about the brokers operating in the industry. In order to help our Italian readers make a more informed decision, we have thoroughly reviewed a variety of forex brokers and created a drilled down list that meet our strict criteria in terms of security, customer service, trading platforms and regulatory oversight. These recommended Italian forex brokers will be able to adequately serve the needs of forex traders based in Italy.

How to Verify CONSOB Authorisation

To identify if a forex broker is regulated by CONSOB, the first step is to identify the name of the entity from the disclosure text on the broker's homepage. For example, here's the key disclosure text from FXCM's website.

FXCM holds a banking license issued by its supervisory authority the CONSOB.
Next, look up the firm on the list of supervised institutions listed on CONSOB's website to validate the firm's current regulatory status. Here is the official CONSOB page.

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