If you like to trade stocks read this before you make a plan for the New Year

The trading of stocks is gaining in popularity and this particular asset category often presents many lucrative opportunities for traders. So, if you like to trade stocks, be they binary options or otherwise, read below to find out which are the handful of large companies to watch out for, based on how they have fared in 2015. In fact, for the right or wrong reasons, these companies where the protagonists in the world economy for the year that has just lapsed.

Here they are in random order:


Having just received a law suit by the US Department of Justice for $48 billion over alleged violations of the US Clean Air Act, Volkswagen has certainly been the negative protagonist of 2015. Having admitted to its wrongdoing and due to the fact that the so called “Dieselgate” scandal concerns more than 11 million vehicles, VW has already lost 34 billion dollars while it is faced with several more fines ahead, posing serious threats not only for the company but even for the German economy.


A far happier story was that of Apple in 2015, a year which was very successful for the company, despite the lower than expected response of the public to the launching of iPhone 6S. Irrespective of this setback the company looks well set to be able to break a historic record by becoming the first company to surpass 1 trillion dollars in value. This is expected to happen during 2016.

AB InBev

One of the largest corporate deals of 2015 occurred in the beer industry, with AB InBev buying off SABMiller with the total cost of the merger reaching 285 billion dollars. This is the largest corporate acquisition in the history of Great Britain and the fourth largest ever.

Even more impressive is the height of the anticipated earnings for the new company, which is expected to reap 45% of the total profits of the entire beer industry. In short, 1 in 3 beers being sold worldwide will belong to the company.

Kraft & Heinz

On 2 July 2015,the two giants in the foodstuffs sector merged, thus creating the 3rd largest company in the foodstuffs production sector in North America and the 5th largest in the entire world. The deal was closed at 45,44 billion dollars, while the new company which is called Kraft Heinz Co, has earnings of 28 billion dollars.


Another negative protagonist in 2015 was Lufthansa which saw the fall to its reliability as well as a steep decrease in its stock prices following the disaster with flight 9525 of Germanwings, which is a subsidiary of Lufthansa.


The technology giant Google met with trouble in 2015 as it was faced with allegations of grave breaches of the antitrust rules of the European Union, with the European Commission threatening it with a fine of 6 billion dollars.

The initial accusation concerns the GoogleShopping service through which consumers are searching for products they want to buy online. According to the EU Commission, the service at issue favors specific ecommerce sites over others. Google called the accusations unfounded and accused Eu authorities of not checking the data correctly.


The Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. has put an end to the breakup processes of the company that had been founded 70 years ago by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard.

The combined group will now try to return part of the profits to investors through dividends, enhancing existing technologies and to expand its activities in areas such as 3D printing.

Moving to a significant increase in its workforce numbers, HPE –as it is know called - looks forward to significant profits in 2016.


The US pharmaceutical giant announced the biggest deal in the field of pharmaceutical industry by acquiring Allergan for a total of 160 billion dollars.

After the collapse of negotiations with AstraZeneca in 2014, Pfizer threw its nets towards Allergan, a company which actively operates in the field of Botox. According to estimates, Pfizer will benefit greatly from the headquarters of Allergan (in Dublin), thanks to a lower tax regime.


The new company will be called Pfizer Plc. and the deal will be completed in the second half of 2016.

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